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So you want to make a campaign in my magical world of Aldarria huh? Well here are all of the lands of Aldarria and brief descriptions explaining them, as well as some notable people or history that is involved with these lands. In regards to distances, I do not care to go into extreme details about how far away place A is from place B. Instead I might say 60 miles every so often, but if you make it 120 miles or 20 miles I don’t care I am just throwing out arbitrary numbers anyways. Plus as I said in my How to Dungeons and Dragons post, no one even cares about distance anyways in a fantasy game.

The Lands

First and foremost here is the map of Aldarria:

Let’s do a running breakdown of every city and location and a little bit about them, shall we? 🙂


The main city in the country. It was taken over by RHA in the year 367. Its main feature is a big clock tower in the center of town and it hosts the Aldarrian guard and army. They are well trained and are tasked with protecting the lands from monsters, criminals, and other bad things to come.

Aldarrian River

This is the second biggest water source for Aldarria and it runs from north to south. It is a heavily guarded resource by the Aldarrian empire and their crown jewel so to speak. The river is many miles wide and they do not know where it starts or where it ends.


The only port city in all of Aldarria. There are not many merchant ships that reside here. The few that do are heavily guarded with an armada of troops at their helm to protect them when they go out to sea. The city is quite wealthy with the majority of its populace being upper-class citizens who made their wealth in foreign lands. Although none of them can remember the lands they visited.


The opposing force of the Aldarrian empire. They have been in opposition and assault since the very beginning. The Consumerates speak badly of the Aldarrians and the Aldarrians speak poorly of the Consumerates. This causes many conflicts and distrust. They both are always fighting for control over the Aldarrian river.

Dreary Mountains

These are mountains hosted by Dwarf warriors who go to war with various races every couple of centuries. They are strong and wealthy, due to their warfare. When they are not at war, they hunker down and supply the other nations with arms and other trinkets.

Dreary Woods

These woods surround the Dreary Mountains and are well known by the Dwarves. The young Dwarfs are sent to these woods when they become of age to prove themselves. They have to live under the starlight for 30 days with just a stick and one skin of water. They must figure out how to survive the harsh conditions and bring back the head from a forest animal. They use this to knit a cloak that they wear as a badge of honor.


This is the farmland to the south of Melford and the east of Aldarria. This farmland has grown to more wealth than Melford due to the lack of hostile territory surrounding it. It is the primary farmland of Aldarria but is also growing and gaining fame among nobles and merchants. Many great crafts and wares come out of Eilsbourgh.

Forest of Ezmoc

The Forest of Ezmoc surrounds Vae. The Forest of Ezmoc meets up with the Uncharted Regions to the south. These forests are well known for their creator Ezmoc the cunning. Ezmoc was a cunning Wizard who lived centuries ago and protected the lands of Aldarria. After his tragic disappearance, the Southern Uncharted Regions grew wild and fierce and it is believed that he crafted a spell to protect the lands of Aldarria from it.


The farm village of Fueph is north of Consumerate and is one of their main supplements of food and resources. Not as wealthy as their southern counterpart Jkolki, they find themselves providing strong and valiant warriors who have served in many of the wars. They are well known as heroes and men of valor, coming back with many victories. After their career of war, they tend to settle down and take care of the land, cultivating it to the best of their ability.

Gael’s Forest

Gael’s Forest spreads across the Aldarrian River and is known by many for its untamed nature. Although it is only 60 miles from the capital of Aldarria and Veede, it has a notorious reputation for being the spawn of the vilest creatures. It also has been known to house some Elves, Orcs, and Goblins, although most of them seem to wander in packs than in tribes. The forest is named after the great mage of the Western Regions, Gael. She was the protector of the Western Regions of Aldarria and she vanished after the Old Age.

Gloom Forest

A magical forest to the south of Consumerate, it is home for many wood Elves. They tend to stay away from the affairs of Humans, seldom coming out. Usually only exiles go through the lands of Aldarria. They live in the center of the forest and have many spells in place to leave them in peace and secrecy. Although it borders with the Southern Unknown Regions, few adventurers live in the area due to the volatility of the elves and the Unknown Regions.


The town of Haelford is just north of Gael’s Forest on the eastern side of the Aldarrian River. It is well known for its gems and magical wares. Mostly mages and folk who wish to learn the arcane arts live here. Due to the closeness to Gael’s Forest, those who fail to master the arcane arts fast enough are taken by the dangerous forces of the forest; never to be seen again. Those who do learn the arcane arts tend to subdue the forces from the capital of Aldarria, however, due to the carnivorous nature of the forest many go mad and wreak havoc across the lands.

Highlands of Aztor

These lands are well known for the Aldarrian School of Warfare. Although some might wonder why the school is far away from the capital, it has shown its merit by producing only the finest soldiers of the Aldarrian empire. At the school, students are put through rigorous training and learning and those who do not make it are sent out from the school with only a pack to make their way home. The lands are known to house Halflings and Gnomes, however they are far and few and most stay clear of the school. Aztor was a great warrior in the first great war. He served Aldarria and opened the school in his name. There are many paintings and books by him in the school and his legacy is remembered dearly by all the students.


Jkolki is a well known Consumerate trade city. It is right outside of Gloom Forest and has prided itself for its arcane wares as well as the wealth it seems to have from the trade with the Consumerates and the Elves of Gloom Forest. Legend says the famous blacksmith David hails from Jkolki, although little is known about him. David owns the Blacksmith Guild and those who are admitted are ranked by their wares and service. His seal is given to those who uphold the highest form of smithery.


This frigid town in the northern state of Consumerate is where many go for seclusion and peace from the warring of Consumerate and Aldarria. Although it is part of the land of Consumerate, those who live here do not hail to anyone and in fact, follow their own governing systems and laws. They are particularly fierce and noble people though despite their seclusion. They often keep back the many terrors of the Northern Uncharted Regions. The likes of which would surpass many of the legends of heroes of Aldarria.


One of the most famous towns in Aldarria. Despite its fame, it is also the poorest place in all of Aldarria. It is constantly using its wealth to pay the Aldarrian capital to protect it. It is surrounded by a forest and is ravaged by many horrible creatures. The town is also well known for the great fire of 367 in which the Heroes of Aldarria tried to capture some cultists who ended up summoning RHA. They ended up burning down the whole forest and the town of Melford.

Mountain Range of Azmoth

The Mountain Range of Azmoth is seldom traveled. For adventurers, it is a place where the most daring tasks are completed and the biggest rewards are found. The mountains are home to the King of the Goblins, Gilgal. The Dwarves of the Dreary Mountains went to war with Gilgal’s grandfather and returned with his head which is mounted above their king’s throne to this day. Gilgal has not forgotten and has been planning his revenge ever since he was a young lad. Azmoth, one of the greatest of the Wizards of Old, was set out to protect the lands to the north in the Old Age.

Sea of Baelor

The biggest body of water in all of Aldarria. Many merchant ships have traveled across this sea in hopes of finding foreign lands. When they return they are filled to the brim with riches and wealth, although the memory of where they came from has escaped them and many valiant warriors die in the sea fare. Baelor is one of the four Great Wizards, and he was tasked to guard the Eastern Regions. He has not been seen in many ages since the Old Age passed away with the memory of him and the history of the Great Wizards.


Shaeti is one of the minor towns of Consumerate which is known mostly for its simple wares and farm produce. It has to be guarded quite frequently by Consumerate warriors due to the close nature to the Weeping Gulch. It is one of the poorer farm towns in Consumerate and not as well known as its Aldarrian counterpart Melford.


Shamifer is a northern farm town of Aldarria, it is more recluse than some of the other farm towns and most of the men out of here are valiant warriors who go to train at the school of warfare. They also help protect Aldarria from the Northern Region’s creatures that come down an encroach on the lands of Aldarria.


Vae is the southernmost town of Aldarria that is in the middle of the Forest of Ezmoc and on the edge of the Southern Uncharted Regions. Vae hosts many adventurers who look to make a name in the Uncharted Regions. Vae is said to be the home of the legendary blacksmith David, and some of the Heroes of Aldarria. Vae is a minor town that is self-sufficient and does not have any governing powers that control it.


Veede is the only Consumerate town that is allowed to trade with Aldarria. Being on the other side of the Aldarrian River, it hosts many diplomatic people and helps to keep the peace between Aldarria and Consumerate. Once war breaks out, it is the first to be ravaged through extreme warfare. It also helps with the upkeep of the Aldarrian bridge as part of the last treaty between Aldarria and Consumerate.

Weeping Gulch

Weeping Gulch is a host to wicked and vile creatures. Adventurers who find their way in seldom find their way out. The Weeping Gulch spreads across the desert and is surrounded by high mountains and near-vertical cliffs that none can scale. When adventurers seek glory in the Gulch, the vilest of creatures are found in hidden caves and holes throughout the bed of the Gulch. A cry can be heard throughout the lands, a screech that shakes even the fiercest warriors to the bone.


The magical city of Zaen is a small town that harbors many mages who wish to learn their craft. Here they can test their experiments without any peril to major cities or people. Many great technologies have come from Zaen and many great horrors. The city is far north and constantly has to use its learnings to keep back the horrible creatures of the Northern Uncharted Regions.


So you made it thus far. Now that you know the towns and areas in Aldarria, you are one step closer to running your own campaign. Stay tuned for future posts explaining the history, races and backgrounds, and religions of Aldarria.

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